Do. Mai 30th, 2024

Marcelo dos Santos (born 17 May 1975 in Campina Grande, Brazil), better known as Marcelinho Paraíba or simply Marcelinho, is a Brazilian footballer.

In Brazil, he is also known as Marcelinho Paraíba, referring to the state in which he was born. He was arguably one of the best playmakers in the Bundesliga because of his extravagant skills that include his visionary passing, abundance of tricks and his world class technique.

Marcelinho played for Hertha from 2001 to 2006. He is ranked among the most important players in the association's history and there Marcelinho was known as a technically talented player, serving as a playmaker and leader while performing in both the midfield and forward area. In addition, he carried the responsibility of executing the free kicks, corner kicks, and penalty kicks of the club. The personal trademarks of this extravagant football player are his usually remarkable shoes and his often multicoloured hair.

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